Z - First Time Volunteer Interest Form

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Special Olympics Kentucky has two classes of volunteers that assist our program. Long Term Certified Class A Volunteers and Short Term Day of Event Class B Volunteers. Please make a selection below after reviewing the critiera for each volunteer.

Certified Class A Volunteer

If you are seeking to apply for Class A Classificiation please STOP completing this form and visit here to download the Class A Volunteer Application
* Class A Volunteers can include team support volunteer, becoming a unified partner, or coaching
* requires a minimum of an 8 to 10 week commitment with roughly 2 to 3 hours per week of volunteering
* All Class A Volunteers are required to complete the Class A Application located at the link above, complete the Volunteer Coach Online Orientation, and the SOI Online Protective Behaviors Training. These trainings can found on the Special Olympics Kentucky Website here

Class B Day of Event Volunteer

*requires a minimum of 2 to 3 hours sometimes up to 8 hour commitment typically on the weekends.
*Most opportunities require no sport expereince with examples being a timer at track, announcer at softball or a lane worker who assists athletes on the lanes during a bowling tournament.

I am interested in receiving Short Term Class B Day of Event volunteer opportunities by email and/or postal mail for the following area(s) in the state: (check all that apply)
In or around Murray, KY
In or around Somerset, KY
In or around Owensboro, KY
In or around Florence, KY
In or around Knott County
In or around Lexington and Richmond, KY
In or around Johnson County
In or around Louisville or Elizabethtown, KY areas
In or around Bowling Green, KY
State Level Competitions - Some Travel maybe required.
I am interested in Coaching one of the following sports:
Spring - Aquatics
Summer - Softball
Spring - Bocce
Fall - Bowling
Spring - Soccer
Fall - Flag Football
Spring - Track and Field
Winter - Alpine Skiing and Snowshoeing
Spring and Fall - Gymnastics
Winter - Cheerleading
Winter - Basketball
Additional volunteer opportunities I would be intrested in are:
Young Athletes Program Coordinator (Long Term) - Class A Volunteer
Sports Official (experince required - Short Term) - I would like to assist and officiating the following sports
Soccer Referee
Softball Umpire
Flag Football (Football Certified)
Basketball Official
Unified Champion Schools - Youth Driven with opportunties for K-12 students, teachers, school staff, and/or athletic coaches/ Directors
(both short and long term opportunities)
Development Volunteer - Volunteer to help at Fundraising event or assist by helping raise fund through forming Truck, Plane, or Plunge Teams.