2017 State Summer Games Volunteer Form

The State Summer Games provide hundreds of opportunities for volunteers to help change the lives of Special Olympics athletes. The event also provides the widest variety of volunteer needs of any Special Olympics Kentucky event, so there truly is a place for everybody. Please read the job descriptions by visiting the 2017 Summer Games Webpage and then complete the below volunteer registration form. If you happen to run into an issue with submitting this form please contact: Justin Harville - Director of Volunteers & Program Services at 502-695-8222 / jharville@soky.org.

I am wishing to register as the Lead Point of Contact for a group the
size of:
First name
Middle name
Family/last name
Company, Group, or Organization Representing
Mailing Address
County of Residence
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Date of Birth
T-Shirt Size
I am able to volunteer for the following day(s):
Friday Only
Saturday Only
Both Friday and Saturday

Sport Specific Volunteer Opportunities:

General Volunteer Opportunities:

Lockheed Martin Bocce Venue
General Store
Aquatics Venue (Swimming)
Healthy Athletes
Wheelchair Events
Delegation Welcoming Crew / Luggage Assts.
Track Staging
Friday Morning Setup Crew
Track Timer / Judges
Victory Dance 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Finish Line Greeters (Track)
Parking Lot Monitor
Softball Throw Venue
Opening Ceremonies
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Medical Services (CPR and First Aid Cert Required)
Standing Long Jump
Olympic Town and Entertainment
Awards Personnel
Shot Put Venue
Track Venue Friday Night
AECOM Soccer Venue
Softball Throw Venue
Friday Night - Relay Zone Judges
Standing Long Jump Venue
Food Services (Lunch Distriction)

Comments / Questions

Fans in the Stands

Those registering for a group should reply to the confirmation email you receive after submitting this application and include the Names, Ages, and Shirt sizes of those you're registering.
If the group is larger than 10 please first call Justin Harville - Director of Volunteers and Program Services at 502-695-8222 or email at jharville@soky.org