Z - Special Olympics Kentucky Volunteer Orientation Quiz

Volunteer and Coach Orientation Quiz

Please complete the below form and quiz to verify your completion of the Special Olympics Kentucky Volunteer / Coach Orientation Online Training. If you have not completed the training please STOP and do so before answering the below questions.

You will not be able to submit this quiz without first having answered all questions correctly. By submitting this quiz the training's certification will be good for life of your volunteer work with Special Olympics Kentucky. Should you not volunteer for a period longer than 3 years you will be asked to recomplete this training.

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1. An Individual is eligible to participate in Special Olympics if they:
2. Which of the following differentiates Special Olympics from other sports organizations?
3. Athletes do not need to train in order to compete.
4. What characteristic(s) must all Special Olympics athletes have?
5. What year was the first Special Olympics International Games held?
6. How many countries offer Special Olympics programs?
7. Name the three factors used in divisioning.
8. What is Special Olympics Unified Sports?
9. Which program(s) is/are available to individuals with an intellectual disability who want to be involved in Special Olympics as non-competitors?
10. How often will a volunteer background check, protective behaviors training and Concussion training be required?