Please fill out this form if you are interested in receiving additional information about Volunteering with Special Olympics Kentucky.If you are wishing to file for certified status please visit the below link for the correct form. This form is for interest purposes only.

If by chance you run into issues with submitting this application please email or call Justin Harville Volunteer Services Director at: or toll free at: 1-800-633-7403.

Special Olympics Kentucky Volunteer Interest Form Class B

Volunteer Interest Form
First Name
Middle Name
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Business / School / Organization Affiliation
Mailing Address
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Volunteer source
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Please check your Volunteer area(s) of interest:
Competition Volunteer Interest (2 to 8 hours commitment on day of competition)
Fall Sports (August - December)
State Bowling Competition
Area Bowling Tournaments
Soccer Tournaments
Winter Sports (November - March)
State Basketball Competition
Regional Basketball Tournaments
Winter Games Competition
Spring Sports ( February - June )
Summer Games
Area Track & Field Competitions
Aquatics Competitions
Flag Football Tournaments
Summer Sports (June - September)
State Softball Tournaments
Regional Softball Tournaments
State Golf Competition
Regional Golf Competitions
Project Unify
- Opportunities for Students, School Officials, or Teachers
Interest in establishing processes and methods to change school climate to create a school
culture of inclusion, respect, and human dignity for all students in the school
- Be a Fan of Dignity. Don't use the R-word
- Be a fan of community. Volunteer at event near you.
- Be a fan of acceptance. Join the Youth Forum
- Be a fan of empowerment. Support Athlete Leadership Programs
- Be a fan of inclusion. Join Special Olympics Kentucky Unified Sports
- Be a fan of respect. Take the R-word Pledge at
Administrative Office Support (Bulk mail, data entry, etc.)
Frankfort Office
Louisville Office